Need New Railings? Use One Of These Ideas!


A broken railing can be frustrating, but it can also be an opportunity to essentially revamp the decorating scheme in your home. If you have a prominently located staircase, there is going to be a good chance that it is the focal point of whichever room it is in. If your staircase does not look nice, then the aesthetics of the entire room will be in question. One way to improve the aesthetic appeal is to make the railing worth looking at. There are a multitude of railing embellishment options available. Consider these three unique ideas when you next need to repair your railing.

1. Make Your Wrought Iron Mean Something

There are a variety of beautiful swirls and designs that any wrought-iron fence manufacturer can produce. However, these designs aren't personally meaningful. Instead, do some research and opt for something that says something about you or your family. For example, if you connect strongly with your Irish heritage and know your family crest, try to work some of the motifs from the crest into your railing.

Another great way to make your wrought iron railing mean something is to work in something from your profession. If you are a scientist, consider going to a custom wrought iron workshop and requesting a railing with a design reminiscent of the double helix of DNA. If you're a historian, use some of the patterns found in the margins of old Bibles or other texts. If you travel for your work, consider looking for patterns and bringing those back with you. This also has the double advantage of making your railing a discussion piece.

2. Use Stainless Steel

This works best if your staircase is near your kitchen, which will also tend to feature stainless steel as a decoration. If the rest of your house has a minimalist decorating style, then the stainless steel will enhance it. If you are worried that the stainless steel will not be decorative enough, you can have patterns etched into the sides of the steel, or even have it painted.

3. Employ a Grid

Have a wooden grid crafted that matches the wood which you are using for your staircase. Then, have the grid extend from the bottom of the staircase to the top on one of the staircase's sides. Not only will this be an interesting centerpiece for your home but it will also provide places for people of any height to grasp in order to keep their balance. Many railings are placed too high for young children to easily reach. A grid has spots at almost every height.

Contact a railing design company such as Iron Horse Welding Inc for more great ideas, as well as for a price estimate.


11 March 2015

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