Important Questions You May Have Before Choosing To Install Vineyard Netting


Growing grapes can be a highly lucrative task because of the large number of products this fruit is used to make. From wines to raisins, grapes are an essential crop for many industries. Unfortunately, these plants are a favorite target of birds that can ravage your plants and reduce your yield. By installing vineyard nets, you can help prevent birds from easily being able to reach your grapes, but you may have some questions you want answered if you have only recently started to consider this option. 

Is Vineyard Netting Bad For Your Plants?

There is a common misconception that these nets will negatively impact your plants. This belief often stems from the idea that the weight of the nets will hamper growth or the netting will block out much of the sunlight. Luckily, this is not the case, and you can enjoy both vineyard netting and a healthy crop. 

To prevent the netting from damaging or hampering the growth of your vines, you should make it a point to secure the net to the posts that support your vines. Some people make the mistake of directly attaching the netting to the vines, and this can put tremendous pressure on them. However, attaching it to the posts avoids these issues without impacting the performance of the net. 

How Can You Make These Nets Last Longer?

Covering your entire vineyard in netting can be an expensive task, and it should be not be surprising that most people want to make sure that these nets last for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there are many different factors that can cause severe damage to your netting.

In particular, moisture and sunlight are among the most damaging elements for netting. The moisture can cause the fibers in the nets to start rotting, and the powerful rays from the sun can also rapidly degrade the strength of these fibers. To avoid these issues, you should always make sure that your netting is sealed. These sealants can reflect much of the sun's energy and prevent moisture from seeping into the fibers. This type of netting may be more expensive than uncoated netting, but its increased durability may make it the more practical choice. 

Vineyard netting is one of the most practical ways of keeping your vines safe from birds. However, this type of netting is often poorly understood by people, but learning that it will not negatively impact your plants and the importance of choosing coated netting should demystify your shopping experience. 


8 April 2015

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