Hand Trowelled Vs. Spray On Texture


Drywall is a ubiquitous interior wall surface. It is used in most residential and commercial buildings. One of the main attractions of drywall is the fact that is can be textured in so many different ways. This is why some tract homes are built with unfinished drywall. That is, the drywall is attached to the wall, the tapes are seamed and the screw holes are filled, but the surface is not textured. If you have the opportunity to texture your own drywall, you will need to know the basic differences between the various options. This article explains the difference between hand troweled and spray on textures.

Spray On Textures

Many people think that spray textures are the easiest to apply. Orange peel, splatter and popcorn textures are popular and have varying coarseness. Coarser texture looks more dramatic, but many people like a lighter texture that just adds a little bit of warmth to the wall. In reality, applying spray on texture to all of your walls is quite a hassle. First, it is a job that is very hard to do if your floors and carpet are already installed. You need to use a pneumatic sprayer and compressor to apply all of the texture in a timely manner. Basically, if you are going to use a spray texture, you need to do a lot more prep work and masking off.

The main perk of spray on textures is that you can buy small cans of touch up texture. These cans have adjustable texture coarseness, so you can usually match your existing texture with ease.

Hand Textures

Hand textures are applied by hand with a trowel. The technique requires a little bit of practice, but there are no real right or wrong ways to do it. You can pick up a trowel and start spreading the drywall mud until you have a create a texture that you like. This might be more time consuming than spray texture, but it is not nearly as messy. If you gave professionals hand trowel the texture, you might have problems matching it when you need to make repairs later on.

Both texture need to primed before they can be painted. In the end, you should decide which style you like the most. Since they are very similar and each have certain drawbacks and advantages, you should just choose the one that fits your personal aesthetic. If you're looking for professional help, Logic Lumber (Leth) Ltd has drywall.


7 April 2016

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