3 Tips For Renting A Dumpster During Your Home Remodel


Engaging in a home remodel often means producing a significant amount of debris. Getting rid of this debris can present a unique challenge, and many homeowners find that having access to a dumpster can be beneficial when it comes to tossing construction waste.

If you are thinking of renting a dumpster to service your upcoming home remodel, here are three tips to keep in mind to ensure the rental process runs smoothly.

1. Evaluate the type of debris you are likely to create during your home remodel.

Many dumpster rental companies have restrictions on the type of products that can be placed in their dumpsters. Construction waste can be difficult to get rid of, so dumpster rental companies like to keep certain items separate in order to facilitate the disposal process.

If you will be disposing of brick or other stone products, you may need a specialty dumpster. Be sure that you take the time to evaluate the type of debris that your remodel will create, then work with your dumpster rental company to get the right type of dumpster for your disposal needs.

2. Try to estimate the total weight of your debris.

It can be very useful to work with your contractor to estimate the total weight of the construction debris that you will create during your home remodel. Dumpster rental companies typically charge based on weight, and exceeding the weight you agree to in your rental contract could result in hefty overage fees.

When you know the type and volume of the materials that you will be disposing of during your home remodel, you can rent a dumpster that will accommodate the amount of debris you need to throw out without accumulating expensive overage fees.

3.  Secure a walk-in dumpster.

When you are completing a home remodel, you will be disposing of heavy items. It can be physically taxing to have to lift loads of drywall, bricks, boards, and old appliances over the sides of a traditional dumpster. In order to reduce the amount of labor involved in your home remodel project, you should secure a walk-in dumpster for your disposal needs.

A walk-in dumpster provides you with the opportunity to remove the side panel of the dumpster to facilitate the disposal of heavy objects by walking them into the dumpster rather than lifting them over the sides of the dumpster.

Securing the right dumpster for your home remodel will make it easier to get rid of the construction waste you create as you alter your home. Be sure that you know the type of waste you will create, the approximate weight of the waste, and that you secure a walk-in dumpster to make the disposal process easier. For more tips, check out sites like http://www.tcmdumpsters.com today.


20 May 2017

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