Got A Sewer Lift Station? Tips To Keep It Maintained And Cleaned


A sewer lift station is used to pump sewage or wastewater from lower to higher ground. The lift station has two main parts: the controls and the well. If you have a sewer lift station on your property over time bacteria and other pathogens will start to build up inside of it if it is not properly maintained and cleaned. To prevent this from happening and to help your sewer lift station last a long time for you follow the tips below.

Sewer Lift Station Maintenance

There are a variety of maintenance steps you need to take, including:

Pump and Clean

You need to pump the wet well and then clean it approximately two times per year. This could be in the spring and then again in the fall. This will prevent grease and other solids from building up. These things can damage the pump and can also cause problems with the impeller.

There are special cleaners that are used to clean a sewer lift station. It is important that you use cleaners made for this purpose or you will damage the lift station. You can purchase these cleaners from sewer companies or online.

Inspect the Impeller

Inspect the impeller approximately four times per year. This is done to make sure the impeller has not debris clogging it up. This is an important part of maintenance as if the impeller is not working correctly it will cause the wastewater or sewage to back up or get stuck in the pump itself.

Inspect the Check Valves

Approximately twice per year examine the check valves to ensure they are lubricated. If they are dry, apply grease to them. You can purchase this grease at the same place you purchase the cleaners.

Hire a Septic Service

If you do not want to do the maintenance on your own or do not know how, you should hire a septic service company to send a contractor to your property to maintain the sewer lift station for you. You can also purchase a maintenance plan. With this, the company will come out on a set schedule to clean and maintain the lift station.

Hiring a professional, such as from Grease Bugs, can be beneficial as they will know exactly what to look for. If problems are found, they can repair them immediately to prevent further problems in the future.

If you have questions about any of this, ask the septic service contractor. They can also show you simple maintenance tips that you can do on your own..


21 September 2017

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