Ways To Protect Your Rental Boiler From Going Boom!


If one of your factory's industrial boilers exploded and cracked, you will want to replace the damaged boiler with a rental boiler until your company can afford a fresh new boiler. That is a very economical idea, but you should examine the old boiler to determine what happened. You do not want the rental boiler to go boom, because then you would have to buy it. Here are some ways to protect the boiler rental from exploding or cracking.

Investigate the Remains of the Old Boiler

Was it rust that did in the old boiler? Was there a pressure problem? Ascertaining what caused the old boiler to pop helps your installation technician prepare for and prevent some of those issues with the rented boiler. For example, if the old boiler was rusted out and really old, a rented boiler that is practically brand-new will not have those issues. If the old boiler had leaks, the technician will check every major possible leak point while installing the rented boiler to make sure the same fate does not befall the rented boiler.

Have the Rental Boiler Properly Installed by a Professional

Yes, you have a custodial staff that knows their way around a boiler, but what you need is a professional to install the boiler. Rented boilers are not installed by the rental service company, but they often refer you to HVAC technicians that can do the job for you. When a boiler is properly installed by a professional, you know there are no leaks, no unexpected drops in pressure, etc. This prevents a lot of the accidents that are related to improper installation.

Check and Record the Gauges to Spot Abnormalities in Operation

Industrial boilers have their fair share of gauges for monitoring various boiler functions. Develop a checklist, print off several sheets, put the sheets on a clipboard with a pen, and record what the gauges say at regular intervals. Do this for at least the first week after the rented boiler was installed. Then continue to monitor the boiler at just certain days and certain times.

This helps you monitor the rented boiler for abnormalities in operation that might signal a potential problem. If something strange is happening, call both the rental company and the repair technician right away. You may need to remove the rented boiler to locate which boiler connections are constantly causing boiler problems in this location of your factory.


5 December 2017

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