Want To Protect Your Oilfield Pipes? Consider Using Oilfield Pipe Thread Protectors


If your business uses oilfield pipes, it is important that you keep them protected. One of the best ways to provide this protection is to use oilfield pipe thread protectors. To help you, below is some information about what thread protectors are, three different types available on the market today, and how they are applied to pipes.

Oilfield Pipe Thread Protectors

Oilfield pipe thread protectors offer protection while you are moving and exploring oilfield pipes. The protectors protect each end of the pipes that are threaded. It offers protection from things like contaminants, impact, and corrosion. You can find oilfield pipe thread protectors made of different materials, three of which are below.

Steel Thread Protectors

If you want to make sure the entire pipe is protected, steel thread protectors would work best for you. This is because they cover the entire pipe, including the thread. This protector also seals the external and internal threads of each pipe. If your pipes are often in bad weather or extreme temperatures steel thread protectors would be best for you. This is because extreme temperatures can cause corrosion. Steel protectors are durable and hold up well to any kind of weather, so you can expect the thread protectors to protect your pipes for a long time.

Plastic Thread Protectors

Plastic thread protectors are made of a special type of composite plastic that is durable and can hold up well to things like high impacts. Some advantages of plastic thread protectors are that they do not weigh a lot and they are recyclable and reusable. Because they are lightweight, less fuel is used when transporting these thread protectors.

Composite Thread Protectors

Composite thread protectors can be made of either steel or plastic. You can also use a combination of the two materials on your pipes. For example, you may have pipes in one area that need the most protection, so you would choose steel for these, and plastic for all the other pipes you have.

How Protective Covering Is Applied

How the protective covering is applied to your pipes depends on how many pipes you have. If you only have a few, the coverings can be put on manually. If you have a lot of pipes, a machine can be used to place the covering on the pipes.

Talk with a company that installs these oilfield pipe thread protectors, and they can give you much more information about them.


17 January 2018

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