3 Reasons To Consider Custom Packaging For Your Products


There are many packaging solutions you can utilize for your business, but if you frequently ship oddly shaped items or you just want to boost your packaging, you should consider custom packaging solutions. Custom packaging allows you to modify boxes and other packaging tools based on your needs. If you are still unsure if custom packaging is the right choice for your needs, check out these three reasons to consider it for shipping your products.

Custom Packages Come in Unlimited Styles and Sizes

One big reason to get custom packages is because of the unlimited styles and sizes from which you can choose. Whether you need corrugated cardboard boxes, paper bags, half slotted packaging boxes, folding cartons or anything in between, you can custom create packaging for your business needs. This is especially important if you shape awkwardly shaped items, big items or delicate items. Since you can get a box that is the exact size you need, you'll save money on shipping and packaging filler.

In some cases, even if the box fits great, you still want packaging materials for protection. For example, if you are shipping a piece of electronic equipment, it is likely to break in transit without peanuts or foam to protect it. You can even have the box built with the foam already exactly where it needs to be to securely hold the item still during transit.

You Can Market Your Brand on the Packaging

Another reason you may want to choose custom boxes is because you can use them to market. Start by having your company logo or name printed on the packaging. Although it will likely be tossed, it will still reinforce the company name in the customer mind, and anyone who sees the box before it is tossed is exposed to your company. However, marketing isn't just about your name and logo. You also want to ensure your brand comes across.

A good example of branding are the popular surprise gift box groups you can join. In these groups, you pay a monthly fee and get a box full of merchandise about a specific topic, movie, culture, makeup, food, etc. For example, a company that sends organic food or makeup may choose eco-friendly boxes. A company that sends out pop culture merchandise may choose to decorate their boxes in pop culture references, showing the customer what they represent.

Excellent Packages Make Great Customer Service  

The big problem with branding is trying to be personable to customers. Customers are already wary of businesses because they assume all you want is their money. Correct branding and marketing isn't just about attracting attention. It's about attracting attention from the right customers and showing them you are better than the rest because you care.

If a customer orders a product from you, and they receive a disheveled box with a broken item inside because the box was too big, their assumption has just been verified. However, if they get a well-crafted package that protects the item or is fun to open, they feel as if you actually care about them and their experience with your business and merchandise.

No one wants to receive a dented box or a broken item, and no company can survive by constantly disappointing customers. Instead of risking damage during shipping, consider custom packing. Not only will it keep your items safe until they reach your customer, but they can also be designed to reflect your brand. I you would like more information regarding custom packaging and how it can help your business, contact a provider in your area today and request a quote on your first order of boxes. For more information, contact companies like Packsize Now, LLC.


2 March 2018

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