The Best Guide When Purchasing Stretch Wrap Machines


If you house a lot of merchandise in a warehouse, you probably need a machine that can keep boxes secured together to save space and improve organization. That's what a stretch wrap machine is for. It can secure multiple boxes together at lightning-fast speeds. You can find a local company that will sell pre owned packaging equipment if you want to save money. To choose the right stretch wrapper, though, you need to consider this guide. 


There are predominantly two main design options for stretch wrappers: straddle and turntable. Straddle wrappers secure film around the pallet while the load remains in place. For this reason, it's ideal if the loads you wrap tend to be unstable. You won't have to worry about them falling over and potentially injuring your staff.

Turntable wrappers work a little bit differently in that their loads actually spin on a turntable, while stretch film is administered to them. These machines are better suited for smaller loads because of the turning motion that's involved. These machines are typically cheaper than straddle wrappers.

Semi-Automatic vs. Automatic

In terms of how stretch wrap machines operate, you can choose between semi-automatic and automatic. If the stretch wrapper won't be needed as much, as you may not have a lot of inventory, you'll be better off with a semi-automatic design. It will still effectively wrap your products, only you'll be required to apply the first initial stretch film to the load. 

Automatic stretch wrappers, conversely, don't require any operator intervention throughout the wrapping cycle. You can just sit back and wait until the machine is finished. As a result, errors are less likely to happen during the wrapping cycle.


The quality of your stretch wrap machine is highly dependent on who you buy from. You don't just want to purchase from any manufacturer, either. Ideally, you want them to be reputable and backed by a lot of positive reviews from previous clients. 

You also want to purchase from a company that has had decades of experience producing these types of machines. This betters your odds of getting a stretch wrapper that's safe, efficient, and ultimately works out long-term. Purchasing from a manufacturer that provides training and continued assistance once the machine is dropped off is also a good idea. 

If your company's operations rely heavily on stretch wrap machines, make sure you take extra time researching the different models, brands, and specs. You'll then be able to choose a stretch wrapper that suits your company's needs perfectly. 


12 April 2018

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