Need New Steel Pipes? What To Consider


Needing pipes for your work facility or a specific project will trigger a lot of questions that should help you make better purchase selections. You may be investigating different suppliers to get some idea of cost, and you might be currently weighing what metals you need. If you settle on steel, a common choice, you'll also need to select between hot rolled and cold rolled versions. What issues are most relevant when choosing between them?

1. Budget

Of course, your budget is paramount. Cold rolled new steel is often more costly than other versions because the pressing process is often longer and more complex due to lack of heat exposure. If you're just looking for a few steel pipes that aren't too expensive for smaller-sized applications, hot rolled steel could be appropriate because you don't want to overspend. However, if your new steel pipes will be vital to a system that could affect a lot of people, cold rolled could be better in spite of cost. You may need to do more investigation to find cold rolled suppliers whose prices are affordable.

2. Strength Requirements

Because of the pressing that happens during the cold roll process, the resulting pipes are often stronger than other metals. This can often mean that the pipes will have a longer life, as cold rolled pipes are likely to retain their original shape and won't buckle under tremendous weight or extreme conditions.

3. Width Requirements

If you just need standard pipes to run fluids back and forth, cold rolled pieces are an easy choice. However, if your pipes must be a specific width to accommodate other existing pipes or particular machines, hot rolled pieces are superior. That's because hot rolled pieces, exposed to heat, can be fabricated to work with special orders regarding size.

4. Customization

Just as hot rolled steel can better address width concerns, it can also work well when your new pipes must be shaped or molded a certain way for your facility or project. Cold rolled steel is usually unsuited for uses that require customized pieces; it is sometimes done and it takes much longer to complete those pieces.

5. Appearance

If your new steel pipes will only be used for utilitarian purposes, hidden behind walls, or only seen by employees, warm rolled pipes from a company like Hillenburg  Pipe & Supply are acceptable. They tend to seem unfinished or dull to the eye. If you want the pipes to look as new as they are, consider cold rolled pieces.

Informed decisions can ensure that your new steel pipes suit their purpose. Seek suppliers that understand what you need for your facility or project.


24 May 2018

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