7 Questions To Ask When Renting A Crane


Need to lift a big piece of furniture out of an upper-story window? Want help moving some beams to the upper level of a structure you're building? Trying to move a large, heavy object? If you are attempting a task like this, you need a crane. To ensure you rent the right crane, ask the rental company the following questions.

1. What Is the Maximum Weight Capacity?

Arguably, the most important question you should ask when renting a crane is how much weight it can hold. Before calling or going to the equipment rental place, take some time to estimate the weight of the items you need to lift. Then, you know exactly what capacity you need.

2. How Do Weather Conditions Affect Lifting Capacity?

When other forces such as wind act on your crane, that can reduce the maximum weight that the crane can lift. To be on the safe side, get an understanding of how the wind may limit your crane's abilities. Also, find out if you need to take any special precautions when working in rain or snow.

3. Which Crane Works Best for My Space?

Also, be prepared to talk with the crane rental representatives about which crane works best in your space. You should know whether or not you're going to use the crane indoors or outdoors. You should also know how the ground is. For instance, if the ground is bumpy, you may need a crane on tracks rather than tires.

Beyond that, you should know how much room you have to maneuver the crane. In particular, you should know about headspace and especially if there are any overhead power lines. If you plan to lift an item over a building or another obstacle, you should understand its height. You should also know how much room you have between structures. Then, the crane rental company can let you know if you should consider a floating crane, a harbor crane, a railroad crane, or any of the multiple other types of cranes on the market.

4. How Much Does the Crane Weigh and Do I Need to Worry About Underground Utilities?

As you start to narrow in on the right crane for your project, take some time to find out how much the crane weighs. If it's exceptionally heavy, it may press down on underground wires or pipes and break them. Ask the crane rental company if you need to worry about that, and if so, schedule a survey to find out where the underground utilities are located. Then, even if you're not digging into the ground, you can still watch out for those obstacles and take the right precautions.

5. Can You Recommend a Hand Signaler?

To operate the crane safely, you should have a hand signaler on the ground. The hand signaler should be trained, and if you don't have a trained staff member, you may want to ask the rental company if they can recommend someone. If not, you can find hand signals from staffing companies who focus on construction work.

6. Do You Offer Insurance?

Cranes are expensive pieces of equipment, and if something happens to the crane while you have it, you want to ensure that you're covered financially. To be on the safe side, you should ask the rental company if it has any insurance to offer. If not, contact your own insurer to learn about the coverage on rented equipment.

7. How Often Do You Inspect Your Cranes?

Finally, to ensure your crane is in great condition, ask the crane rental company how often they inspect the cranes. Ideally, they should inspect the crane before renting it out. They should also inspect the cranes when people return them.


5 February 2019

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