3 Reasons Custom Carbide Inserts Are Worth The Extra Cost


When purchasing carbide inserts for your tools, you might normally just purchase carbide inserts that are commercially available. Instead, though, you can order custom carbide inserts that are made to your specifications, such as by being made in the size and exact shape that you need. As with many things that you can custom order, custom carbide inserts can be a little more expensive than carbide inserts that can be purchased off of the shelf. Plus, you do have to go through the process of requesting the carbide inserts that you need, and you may have to wait a little longer for your order. However, custom carbide inserts are typically worth the extra cost and hassle for these reasons.

1. Avoid Replacing Tools That You Can't Find Inserts For

If you have tools that you cannot seem to find carbide inserts for, you may think that you will have to replace these tools. After all, without their carbide inserts, you will not be able to use these tools for their intended purposes. However, you don't have to replace your tools just because you can't find standard carbide inserts that are the right size. Instead, you can order custom carbide inserts for them, and you can then keep your expensive tools and continue to use them. Not only does this help you avoid having to buy additional tools, but it also helps cut down on waste.

2. Help Tools Last Longer

When the right carbide inserts are used with your tools, your tools can actually last longer. A carbide insert that is not actually the proper size or that does not have the appropriate grooves or angles can actually cause your tools to wear out more quickly. If you order carbide inserts that are made specifically for your tools, on the other hand, you can help prevent your tools from being exposed to excessive wear and tear. Overall, this can help your tools last longer.

3. Avoid Wasted Materials

If your carbide inserts are not actually right for your tools, you might have trouble getting your projects done without making mistakes. This can lead to a lot of wasted materials, which can obviously cost your company money. Plus, your company could get behind on its goals if a lot of mistakes are made due to faulty tools. With custom carbide inserts, though, you can ensure that your tools are able to do their job properly.

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25 September 2019

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