Gasket Care: Keep Your Refrigerator In Perfect Condition


Refrigerators are one of the most essential commercial and domestic kitchen appliances as they help in the storage of foods and beverages to prevent spoilage. Fridges work perfectly to serve their role when operating at optimum condition, devoid of any damage. 

The gasket is one of the refrigerator's core components as it forms an air-tight seal on the door, preventing heat exchange between the inside of the fridge and the atmosphere. This keeps the fridge's isothermal condition stable, enabling it to preserve the foods at low temperatures. 

The gasket is made of flexible rubber of low thermal conductivity to prevent conduction, leading to increased temperature in the fridge and ultimately affecting its efficiency. The bottom door gasket requires a periodic inspection to ascertain its condition. 

 A thin, cracked, broken, or punctured gasket is detrimental to the efficiency of the refrigerator. The damage, as mentioned above, allows the cold air from the fridge to diffuse out and vice versa, hence increasing the interior temperature of the fridge and compromising its efficiency of preservation. 

When you spot any of this type of damage on your gasket, that is a clear indication of its deterioration and a sign that it needs replacement. For this, reach out to a reputable commercial fridge bottom door gasket manufactures and order a replica of your spoilt gasket to ensure you get the right size and make.

Most of these companies offer the option of installation as an after-sale service.

How to Know You Need A New Gasket 

Gaskets undergo wear and tear due to the constant opening and closing of the fridge's bottom door. With time, they develop cracks, start getting thin, rapturing on the side, and loosening the adhesive binding it to the frame of the fridge. 

Other invisible indications include longer operation hours of the refrigerator, which indicates air leakage via a spoilt gasket. You also observe an upsurge in power consumed by your fridge in an attempt to preserve its contents.

These warnings should be remedied as soon as they appear to prevent further deterioration of the gasket leading to reduced fridge efficiency. As mentioned earlier, this is a job strictly left for professionals.

What to Do When You Notice A Faulty Gasket 

First, identify a reputable commercial fridge bottom door gasket manufactures and procure a new gasket for replacement. Secondly, call in an expert to fix it and restore your fridge's optimal operating conditions, hence preventing spoilage.

Lastly, after the fix, ensure that the fridge is working and its operational efficiency is restored.

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6 July 2021

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