4 Top Considerations When Buying An Industrial Generator


When buying an industrial generator, there are a few different essential factors to consider before making this investment. When investing in a generator, you want to ensure that you get one that can support your business operations.

#1: Power

First, you need to consider how much power your business needs to operate when the regular power is down. You will want to look at your daily power usage to figure out how much power you would need to supply your business with to keep full operations going. You may also want to figure out how much power you need to keep your business going with only the essentials running.

Knowing your power requirements will allow you to get the right-sized industrial generator to keep your entire premise running. If you decide to set up a generator just for the essential energy loads, you will need to set up an emergency circuit panel for that equipment.

#2: Fuel Source

Second, you need to consider what type of fuel source you want to use. You want to use a fuel source that you can easily access and access in large quantities to keep your generator running.

Common types of fuel sources for an industrial generator include things such as gasoline, diesel gas, natural gas, or propane. You want to use a fuel source that you can easily access in quantities to keep your industrial generator running for at least a couple of days. You also want a fuel source you can safely store on the premise of your business property.

#3: Transfer Switch

Third, you will want to consider what type of transfer switch you want on the generator. You can get an advanced automatic transfer switch, which will turn on your generator whenever there is a power outage, no matter how short or long it lasts. It will also turn the generator off when the power returns. 

You can also get an industrial generator that has a manual transfer switch. With that type of system, you will have to go out and turn on your generator, which is good if you only want to turn it on for severe power outages. 

#4: Location

Fourth, you need to consider where you want the generator to be located, as that will impact the size and style of the generator you purchase. You may want it outside by a building or on the rooftop of the building, two common installation sites for industrial generators.

When considering purchasing an industrial generator, you need to consider how much power you need, what fuel source you want to use, what type of transfer switch you want, and where you want the generator located. 

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24 August 2021

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