All You Need To Know About Heavy Equipment Rental


Choosing an equipment rental can be a complicated process. The process is even more challenging because the rental landscape has changed over the past few years. It was standard procedure in the past to get all your equipment from the same supplier at a reasonable rate. 

However, the priorities for most businesses have shifted from having a relationship with the same suppliers to budget control. Therefore, you have to be willing to move with the one best suited for your needs. Here is everything you need to know when renting heavy equipment.

Compare the Costs of Ownership and Renting

The total amount that a project costs might depend on how you acquire the equipment needed for the project. Buying the equipment might be within your means at the start of the project. However, as the project proceeds, you might find it increasingly hard to spare some money to service the equipment. 

Fortunately, renting equipment saves you money. This is because you only pay when you need to use the equipment. You also avoid maintenance and repair costs and have easy access to competent equipment operators. With these benefits, equipment rentals offer a better and cost-effective option.

Check the Transparency in Pricing and Rental Processes

Owning heavy equipment might come with hidden costs that you might overlook. For example, you probably don't know much about heavy equipment maintenance needs, which could lead to additional costs that you had not accounted for. However, most equipment rental companies are transparent with their pricing. 

For example, you can easily determine whether you are about to sign a fair equipment rental deal. The best rental companies display their daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates. The transparency means you avoid running into situations where you end up paying more than you had budgeted for in hidden fees and extra charges. 

Consider the Storage and Transport Costs

When deciding whether to rent or buy equipment, you also need to think about the storage and transportation costs. For example, you do not want to purchase expensive earthmovers and leave them in the open to gather dust, rust, and other weather damage. If you cannot create suitable storage space for your equipment, it is best to rent. Also, buying comes with transportation costs while the leasing company may bring and remove their machinery from your site.

The key to choosing the best equipment acquisition model for your project is researching the pros and cons of each alternative. With all the factors in mind, renting heavy equipment offers an excellent option. Therefore, choose a reliable rental company such as Duke Rentals and request a quote for the equipment rental you need for your projects.


2 February 2022

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