Buying Protocols To Remember For Metric Dowel Pins


One of the more basic types of metric fasteners today is a dowel pin. It's smooth and designed to hold materials in place after being set up. If you're looking to purchase some for a project, use these buying protocols for a successful metric fastener transaction.

Make Sure Material Is Suitable for Application

You can find metric dowel pins in a couple of different materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. You just need to verify the material you seek out is appropriate for the dowel pin's application. For instance, if the pin is being used to secure heavy materials in place, the metal variety would be necessary.

Whereas if you're just looking to keep relatively lightweight materials in place and want to save on metric fastener costs, dowel pins made of plastic or wood may be best for your project. Just make sure you're specific with the material chosen so that dowel pin performance works out how it needs to.

Consider a Solid Construction

Whatever material you choose for metric dowel pins, it's a good idea to go with a solid construction compared to pins that are hollow. Then you'll have a lot more structural stability to take advantage of, which allows you to use these metric fasteners in many more ways. 

The solid construction of metric dowel pins will prevent them from being susceptible to bending or breaking off completely when supporting two or more materials. You can confirm this spec by viewing pictures of metric dowel pins before putting in an order with a supplier.

Verify Smoothness

One of the most important aspects of metric dowel pins for fastening purposes is their smoothness. They need to be completely smooth in order to go into their assigned slot in a material. If the pins weren't smooth, you may not be able to insert these fasteners as far down as you need to.

To verify smoothness with this metric fastener, you can look at pictures from supplier inventory pages or just review these pins in person. As long as you verify smooth surfaces, placing these fasteners into materials won't be a challenge.

Metric dowel pins may not seem overly complicated, but they're so important for keeping materials secured together. You just need to know what features and dimensions to get with this fastener type before searching the market for suppliers that keep these fasteners in stock on a regular basis.  

For more information about metric fasteners, contact a local company. 


26 August 2022

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