Self-Tightening Pipe Fittings: What You Need To Know


There are as many different pipe fittings as there are sizes of pipe. There are even self-tightening pipe fittings. Rather than automatically screwing themselves together, however, these pipe fittings require just a little bit of manual assistance before they are completely snug and holding two ends of pipe together. Here are a few other things you need to know about these kinds of pipe fittings.  Different Types of Self-Tightening Along with being different from other types of fittings, these particular fittings all have different mechanical means of tightening "

17 December 2019

Discover If A Forklift Will Benefit Your Warehouse Operations


A smaller business operation that contains a shipping and receiving department may rely heavily upon manpower to get things from point A to point B. If your computer refurbishing company has recently expanded and you are going to be operating out of a much larger facility, the possibility of using heavy duty equipment to assist with work tasks may have crossed your mind. A forklift is a machine that you could benefit from having at your disposal.

9 November 2019

3 Reasons Custom Carbide Inserts Are Worth The Extra Cost


When purchasing carbide inserts for your tools, you might normally just purchase carbide inserts that are commercially available. Instead, though, you can order custom carbide inserts that are made to your specifications, such as by being made in the size and exact shape that you need. As with many things that you can custom order, custom carbide inserts can be a little more expensive than carbide inserts that can be purchased off of the shelf.

25 September 2019

How To Make Better Use Of Your Industrial Shelving Structures


In an industrial environment, using industrial shelving structures for storing supplies, inventory and more is pretty common. You might already have shelving units in place that are used on a daily basis, for example, but you might not be making the best possible use out of them. A few ways that your business can get more out of your industrial shelving structures have been outlined here. Choose the Right Shelving Units

8 May 2019

7 Questions To Ask When Renting A Crane


Need to lift a big piece of furniture out of an upper-story window? Want help moving some beams to the upper level of a structure you're building? Trying to move a large, heavy object? If you are attempting a task like this, you need a crane. To ensure you rent the right crane, ask the rental company the following questions. 1. What Is the Maximum Weight Capacity? Arguably, the most important question you should ask when renting a crane is how much weight it can hold.

5 February 2019